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Miss Piggy—Muppet, diva and gay icon—does a press conference in Toronto

Originally published at Toronto Life

Miss Piggy loves being an icon.

Gay icon, diva icon, style icon, feminism icon, journalism icon. You name it. The divine swine is an icon to all. “I am everyone’s icon,” she told a roomful of reporters. “I am an icon to all who will have moi.”

Her fabulousness, star of the new movie Muppets Most Wanted, which opens in theatres on March 21, held court in Toronto on Tuesday, at the front of a third-floor suite in the posh Shangri-La Hotel on University Avenue. At a table (with her puppeteer Eric Jacobson hidden demurely behind a curtain), Piggy bantered with film critic Richard Crouse, who hosted the press conference.

As much as she loves the spotlight, and being adored by fans of all sexualities, don’t expect to see her marching in any Pride parades. “Oh, I don’t march,” she said when questioned by Toronto Life. “I’m always wearing high heels, you know. I get a car wherever I go.” Naturally.

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Ontario’s jails must respect the rights of transgender people

Originally published on the Globe and Mail website  on Feb. 26 2014

In a potentially precedent-setting case, a Toronto-based transsexual man is launching a human rights action against the Toronto Police Service (TPS) and the Vanier Correctional Centre for Women in Milton, Ont., alleging transphobic mistreatment.

Boyd Kodak, whose documents legally identify him as male, says police and correctional officials asked him a series of dehumanizing questions about his genitalia, confiscated his penile prosthetic and forced him to wear women’s clothes and undergarments.

This is far from an isolated incident. It’s a significant systemic problem affecting a frequently criminalized population that is disproportionately represented in correctional institutions.

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